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“I heard many good things about you and your work. Thanks so much for your help on our recent project. It was a real pleasure working with you so closely. I'll be sure to contact you for any new projects in Germany.” (Noah Hoover, Agenda Inc. Accelerated brand strategy )

"The groups themselves went very well - were well recruited and well moderated - It is very helpful to have an English speaking moderator and in particular one who is so accommodating!" (Andrea Harburn, Mayborn Group PLC)

“Just wanted to say thanks, again, for such a great two days. You were great in all interviews and you're such a pleasure to be around!” (J. Moyer, Senior Research manager, TRU - Chicago)

Thanks for a good day of research in Hamburg last week.  As always, good to see you and you did great work! (Dan Drath, Vice President, TRU - Chicago